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Private Lessons and Clubs

Southern Art Music and its Partner Schools offer the following School Programs for the 2020-2021 Year:

Private Music Lessons

All Ages

If you feel your child will struggle with virtual lessons due to age, lack of experience, or difficulty with an information-intensive activity, we have the "LEARNING TOGETHER" program. This option provides a "double" lesson for parents and students, allowing one parent may learn alongside their child. Parents will receive additional resources from us so that they may better understand and help with the music-learning process. Family involvement in music, from our personal experiences, is an indescribable joy and encourage young students to regularly study and practice. At this time, the program is limited to Piano, Guitar, and Voice and applies to only two participants (parent and child).

Music Technology Club

6th through 12th Grades 

For families who feel that their child may not be ready to begin Private Lessons, Hands-On Music provides a fun setting to develop music-reading, interval ear-training, motor skills, and etiquette necessary for ensemble music. We will spend the first three weeks focusing on notation-literacy, identifying musical elements by sound and staff-reading, and improving motor coordination. Our following units will be Hands-On, with the goal of developing fundamental skills for Strings, Voice, and Percussion. This club is an ideal springboard for young students with an interest in music, who have not yet begun an instrument.  

Group Guitar Club

4th through 7th and 8th through 12th Grades

We've modified our Guitar Clubs to offer a more effective environment in light of virtual learning. In place of “ensemble” playing, this year we will be focusing on group instruction, much like a university performance lab. We will cover reading, technique, and presentation (performance). Students will have a list of solos to choose from on each level. Beginning in the fourth or fifth week, students will take turns performing for and providing constructive feedback to one-another.

Science and Music Club

1st through 4th, 5th through 7th, and 8th through 12th Grades


We are THRILLED to launch our Science and Music Club this year! Each week, we will guide students through a concept and a homemade instrument build. In addition to concepts and builds, our aim is to improve musical literacy and provide short, grade-appropriate music theory lessons every week. Each class will be recorded and posted to our YouTube channel for the kids to build their own instruments with parental help and supervision. We offer three levels: Elementary, Middle, and HIgh School.;