Private Lessons and Clubs

Southern Art Music and its Partner Schools offer the following School Programs for the 2019-2020 Year:

Hands-On Music

K through 2nd Grades 

For families who feel that their child may not be ready to begin Private Lessons, Hands-On Music provides a fun setting to develop music-reading, interval ear-training, motor skills, and etiquette necessary for ensemble music. We will spend the first three weeks focusing on notation-literacy, identifying musical elements by sound and staff-reading, and improving motor coordination. Our following units will be Hands-On, with the goal of developing fundamental skills for Strings, Voice, and Percussion. This club is an ideal springboard for young students with an interest in music, who have not yet begun an instrument.  

Guitar Ensemble

3rd through 5th Grades 

As Classroom Classical Guitar offerings continue to grow across the United States, we are excited to offer Group Guitar to FSA students for the 2019-2020 school year, using the Austin Classical Guitar Curriculum. Austin Classical Guitar Curriculum has been implemented in hundreds of schools throughout North America, South America, Africa, and Europe over the past decade and students love it, the world over. Our experienced Classical Guitarists will guide students through this cutting-edge curriculum, along with our own supplemental materials. In most cases, students are able to play through the first piece of music by the end of only ONE or TWO classes!  

Music Tech Summer Class

6th Grade and up


After a year of development, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Music Technology Class. In Music Tech, students will learn the fundamentals of audio engineering and sound design using free DAW. Instructors will demonstrate important techniques and guide the class through a final project at the end of summer.